2012 Season Recap Video

Yet another masterpiece produced by the Pirates Scoreboard YouTube account. The video commemorates some of the top moments of 2012, including walk-off hits, the All-Star Game, and Pirates Charities work. Have a look:

134 days until Opening Day…

Pirates Scoreboard: PNC Park A-Z Welcome

Last week, we posted that the Pirates Scoreboard YouTube account had uploaded two new videos. They’ve now uploaded their “PNC Park A-Z” welcome video, which was used in September. It features Pirates and PNC Park-related elements using every letter of the alphabet. It also includes public address announcer Tim DeBacco’s introduction at the end, which is pretty cool. Check it out:

For more awesome jumbotron videos, visit the Pirates Scoreboard channel HERE.

New Pirates Scoreboard Videos on YouTube

One of the best YouTube channels of all-time (in our opinion) is the “PiratesScoreboard”. This feed features the videos shown on the big screen at PNC Park. We always enjoy the new videos, and they released two more yesterday.

First, a Jeopardy-themed video that welcomed fans to the ballpark:

Also, the “Shoot to Thrill” intro that was played just moments before the team took the field:

Click HERE to view the full channel of over 40 videos.

Go Bucs

You Still Gotta Believe

Without a doubt, the Pirates are going through some tough times right now. They’ve lost five of their last six games. They are six games out of first place. Andrew McCutchen hit .150 (3 for 20) over the last five games.

However, there is still reason to have faith in the Bucs. In fact, they’d still clinch a playoff berth if the season ended today, as they hold the second wild card spot.

Could the Pirates fall out of contention? Of course. Will they? Who knows. But as Cutch tweeted on Tuesday night, this season has been too good to give up now. Hopefully the Bucs won’t go down without a fight and play their hearts out for the next month and a half.

Dejan Kovacevic’s Wednesday column, which is titled “Why not just enjoy these Pirates?”, is spot on. The fact that they are still in playoff contention in mid-August is unreal. Just two years ago, this was a franchise that lost 105 games. Many had predicted another losing season and around 72 to 78 wins. Now that they have played solid baseball and are on pace to finally have a winning season, why not enjoy it?

Of course it will be disappointing if the Bucs fall out of the race. Fans have the right to be upset if they don’t make the playoffs. But there is plenty of time to make up ground and get on the right track. If they fall short, then they fall short. They’ll still probably win 82 games and will exceed the preseason expectations.

We strongly believe that McCutchen will start ripping the cover off the ball again and more timely hitting will come throughout the lineup. We still have faith in the bullpen and know that the starting pitching can provide some clutch performances. You still gotta believe in the Bucs.

You Gotta Believe

The Pirates are on a roll right now, and are providing some reasons to believe that this could be the year that the streak ends. While a late-season collapse like last year is possible, there are certainly some signs that point otherwise.

– The Bucs have 30 wins, which is the most through 57 games since 1992.

– They had one of the toughest early season schedules in the majors, and have won 15 of their last 25.

– The offense is averaging 4.42 runs in the last 12 games, after averaging just 2.86 in the first 44.

– The pitching is still phenomenal, and is showing signs that it could hold up over the course of the season.

– The Pirates have won their last four series, all of which came vs. divisional opponents (Chicago, Cincinanti twice, and Milwaukee).

– The acquistion of a hitter could really put this team over the top.

– Fans are starting to come out to the ballpark to support the team and participate in #PackPNC.

It’s starting to feel a lot like last year’s run. In mid-July last season, the Bucs were over .500 and making a push to the top of the standings. This season, they are once again pushing to the top of the NL Central, and are now just two games back of the Cincinnati Reds. The Pirates battled through a tough April schedule and have been surging as of late. The pitching is still holding up and the offense is starting to heat up. Obviously it’s too early to tell how everything will play out, as there very well could be another collapse. Regardless, it’s a great time to be a Pirates fan and we hope everyone can get down to PNC. And remember, you gotta believe.