Pirates Moving Location of “All You Can Eat” Seats

The ‘All You Can Eat’ seats, one of the most popular sections at PNC Park, appear to be moving locations in the ballpark.

According to the seating chart on pirates.com, the AYCE seats will now be in the upper deck (sections 201-205) – outlined in black below:

seating chart 2013

In previous years, they were atop the Clemente Wall – circled in black below:

The prices for AYCE in 2013 are as follows:
Advanced Price ~ Regular Game = $42
Advanced Price ~ Premium Game = $45
Day of Game Price ~ Regular Game = $47
Day of Game Price ~ Premium Game = $50

The Pirates are the winners here; they’ll end up with some extra cash. Sections 201-205, tucked away far from the action, were formerly known as the “Pirates Cove”. They had trouble filling those sections, but that should no longer be an issue. Many who flock to PNC, especially an average fan, get lured in by the All You Can Eat seats. We’ve sat there multiple times and plan on doing so in the future – which is just the logic the Bucs organization is looking for. They know people will still head for AYCE, despite their downgraded location. Plus, the Outfield Reserved seats, where the All You Can Eat seats used to be located, will still sell out at about $22 to $28 per game.

You can read our ‘PNC Experience’ on the AYCE seats HERE.


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