Top Ten Pirates of the PNC Park Era: #5 Freddy Sanchez

Freddy Pirates (brunkfordbraun)

2004 26 9 2 3 0 2 .158 .316
2005 27 132 54 132 5 35 .291 .736
2006 28 157 85 200 6 85 .344 .851
2007 29 147 77 183 11 81 .304 .784
2008 30 145 75 154 9 52 .271 .669
2009 31 86 45 105 6 34 .296 .776
PIT (6 yrs) 676 338 777 37 289 .301 .761

“Steady” Freddy Sanchez came to Pittsburgh at the trade deadline in 2003 from the Red Sox and became a starter by 2005.  During the time that Jim Tracy managed the Bucs, there was some controversy, but Sanchez had his two best seasons under Tracy.  In 2006, Freddy beat out Miguel Cabrera for the NL batting crown, hitting at a .344 clip.  He also reached the 200-hit mark and was tied for first in the majors with 53 doubles, many of which came from bloopers down the first base line that he legged-out.  He represented the Bucs in the 2006 ASG at PNC Park, and had another successful all-star season in 2007.  After another solid campaign in 2008, Sanchez was traded mid-season in 2009 to the Giants, where he’s been a part of two championship teams.  When he played third, he produced offensively and made some great plays at the hot corner, and when he played second, he and Jack Wilson paired up to be one of the best double play combos in the game.  Looking back on his time with the Pirates, Freddy Sanchez is known as one of the top infielders to play at PNC Park.

Photo: brunkfordbraun/Creative Commons


One thought on “Top Ten Pirates of the PNC Park Era: #5 Freddy Sanchez

  1. Oh no its not a suprise now!!! I’ve put two ltlite books in the post for you. Thought your other half might like one too!Glad you liked the photos, it was a good evening and great to meet you both! Jimmie is adorable.M x

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