MLB releases 2013 schedule

This year’s release of the MLB schedules brought something extra with it.  With the Astros moving to the AL West in 2013, the schedule-makers were forced to incorporate year-round interleague.  Here are a few important notes, specifically about the Pirates’ 2013 schedule:

The Pirates will open the 2013 season on April 1st at home against the Cubs.  This will be the second straight year that they open at PNC Park, and the second time in three years that they open against the Cubs.  Possible Opening Day matchup of A.J. Burnett vs. Jeff Samardzija, perhaps.

With each division now having five teams, the Pirates will be able to play all other four (used to be five) NL Central teams equally.  The Bucs will play the Reds, Cubs, Brewers, and Cardinals 19 times each.

The first interleague series for the Pirates will be with the Mariners.  Here’s the interleague schedule:

– May 7-8 vs. Mariners
– May 17-19 vs. Astros
– May 27-28 @ Tigers
– May 29-30 vs. Tigers
– June 21-23 @ Angels
– June 25-26 @ Mariners
– July 8-10 vs. A’s
– September 9-11 vs. Rangers

As you can see, all but four of these twenty games will be against AL West teams, including our old friends from Houston.  Also note that there aren’t any games against the Indians.

One last note about the Pirates is that their off days seem to be in odd places.  In May, they have an off day, followed by a three-game series at home against the Nats, then another off day, before playing two against the Mariners at home and heading to New York for a four-game series.  This happens a few more times in the season, primarily when they have an interleague series.

The year-round AL vs. NL play will also mean that there has to be an interleague series to start the season.  That will be the Reds and Angels playing at GABP on Opening Day.

Interesting stuff.  We’ll get to see some teams we don’t get to see often.  Who knows when the next time we’ll get to see the A’s, Mariners, or Rangers come to PNC Park.  2012 still isn’t over, but 2013 will definitely be exciting.

See the Pirates’ 2013 schedule HERE
Read Tom Singer’s article HERE

Go Bucs


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