Snider oddly consistent with ground balls

Travis Snider, who was acquired on Tuesday from Toronto, has hit .200 (3 for 15) in four games for the Pirates. He collected his first run batted in as a member of the Bucs on Saturday night. The play (a sacrifice fly to center field in the sixth inning) was another Pittsburgh first for Snider: it was the first fly ball that he has put into play so far.

Snider, who appeared in just 10 games for Toronto this season, is hitting nearly everything into the ground for the Bucs. Here’s a look at his plate appearances:

July 31st @ Chicago
Infield single on a weak ground ball
Groundout 4-3
– Strikeout looking
– Walk
Groundout 3

August 1st @ Chicago
Groundout 4-3
Single to CF on ground ball
Grounded into DP 4-6-3
Single to RF on ground ball
– Strikeout swinging

August 3rd @ Cincinnati
– Walk
Groundout 4-3
Groundout 4-3
– Strikeout swinging

August 4th @ Cincinnati
Groundout 4-3
Groundout 6-3
– Sacrifice fly to CF
– Pop out 3

Whether it turned into a hit or an out, 11 of 18 plate appearances have resulted in some form of ground ball. Of the other seven, he’s struck out three times and walked twice.

According to FanGraphs’ “Batted Ball” statistics, his ground ball numbers have definitely increased this season. From 2008 – 2011, his ground ball to fly ball ratio was about 1.2. This year, however, his GB/FB is up to about 2.25. Snider had been around a 1:1 ratio, but he’s hitting about two grounders for each fly ball in 2012. League average for ground ball percentage is around 44%; Snider’s GB% this season is about 58%. His fly ball percentage is approximately 26%; the league average is near 36%.

By no means are we giving up on Snider or even criticizing him, but it’s just unusual to see so many ground balls. He’s a strong guy with pop in his bat (3 HR in 10 games for the Jays this year), so it’s something that you wouldn’t expect. Four games is a very small sample size, and adjustments will definitely be made. It would be excellent if Snider can get the ball in the air and drive some out of the yard.

Brad Lincoln, who went to Toronto in the deal, has thrown 4.2 innings for the Blue Jays. He has yet to allow a run, and has only surrendered one hit.


4 thoughts on “Snider oddly consistent with ground balls

  1. Remember he has never played in ANY interleague game in the majors before. Never faced these pitchers or played in these parks.

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