Cutch knocks four Derby bombs; Prince becomes king in KC

Andrew McCutchen, who replaced the injured Giancarlo Stanton, and seven other MLB superstars stepped to the plate for the State Farm Home Run Derby on Monday night in Kansas City. Despite the large dimensions of Kauffman Stadium, monster bombs were hit and some of the league’s best power was showcased.

Although he was by far the smallest guy in the competition, McCutchen still hit a respectable four homers. McCutchen has now hit the most HR of any Pirate in the Derby; Barry Bonds hit two in ’92, while Bobby Bonilla (1990) and Jason Bay (2005) both put up zeros. It was great to see the Pirates represented and get some recognition, but many fans were annoyed with the ESPN coverage. Instead of raving about the Bucs’ recent success and Cutch’s impressive numbers during his round, they interviewed Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. To be fair, they interviewed a share of players during the entire event, but it would’ve been nice to give the Pirates some love on the national stage.

Prince Fielder took the Derby crown, edging out former Pirate Jose Bautista. Robinson Cano was heavily booed by Kansas City fans for not selecting Royals’ slugger Billy Butler for the American League. However, it looked as if he made solid picks, as the AL dominated. The two captains, Matt Kemp and Cano, fared the worst, hitting just one home run combined. Mark Trumbo of the Angels, who Cano took instead of Butler, came just short of the finals, as he fell to Bautista in a swing off before the final round. Here were the final results:

Round 1 Round 2 Finals
Prince Fielder 5 16 12
Jose Bautista 11 13 7
Mark Trumbo 7 13
Carlos Beltran 7 12
Andrew McCutchen 4
Carlos Gonzalez 4
Matt Kemp 1
Robinson Cano 0

ESPN analyst John Kruk was perhaps the real winner of the night, as he was repeatedly shown devouring a rack of ribs. Here’s a slow-motion video of Kruk enjoying his feast:

The MLB All-Star Game is tomorrow night at 7:30 pm on FOX.


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