#134PiratesTrivia Answer 6/18/12

Tonight we asked…

and the answer to tonight’s #134PiratesTrivia is…

Ryan Doumit

Doumit, who played seven seasons in Pittsburgh from 2005-2011, hit 67 long balls with the Bucs, 41 of which came at PNC Park. His 41 long balls lands him fourth on the PNC home run list. Here are the top five:
1. Jason Bay, 61
2. Craig Wilson, 47
3. Brian Giles, 45
4. Ryan Doumit, 41
5. Aramis Ramirez, 40

He also ranks fifth in hits with 288 and fourth in RBI with 155. “Dewey” will play at PNC for the first time as a visitor when his Minnesota Twins come to town this week. Minnesota only visits once every few years, so he won’t have many more opportunities to crack the top three. Doumit has six bombs and 30 runs batted in this season for the Twins. One of the funniest Pirate moments from the past few years was when Doumit nailed John Grabow with a throw back in 2008:

His old walk-up music – “Mother” by Danzig:

Congratulations to tonight’s winners: @ds_33, @WheresmyWookie, @IAmMattMcClure, @milchm86, @Ned_Flanderz, @tarbetto, @BuccoMike, @yattack, @ACthepoolguy, @Wilder_Childer, @jay_stint, @DruBrownESPN, @mzivic04, @Aaronkranderson, and @BurgFaninNJ.

Thanks to all who participated, and tune in next time for another edition of #134PiratesTrivia.

Go Bucs


One thought on “#134PiratesTrivia Answer 6/18/12

  1. I dig the winning shot. Thought I like the onraiigl look of the sprayed the, I think it looks tidier the way it came out. I like the cropping too. It cuts off the roof and makes it look like shot is a constructed background as opposed to just an unusual looking building. Too bad I missed the show.

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