Anti-Wave PSA

With the recent success the Pirates have had, PNC Park has been filling up more and more.  Unfortunately, not all of the people in attendance are interested in the game, even when it actually means something to the standings.  One of the ways they keep themselves entertained during the game is by doing the wave, and it needs to stop.  Now.

No one really knows where the wave started.  Some trace its origins back to an Olympic hockey game in the ’70s, and some even say it started at a soccer game.  Where it started may be disputed, but it’s obvious why it was invented.  People got bored at sporting events, and wanted to keep themselves entertained.  But instead of being a form of entertainment, the wave has become a nuisance to fans actually wanting to watch the game.  In 2011, the Rangers, who were defending AL champions and were on their way to a second straight pennant, had to come up with an anti-wave policy because it was getting so out of hand.  Seriously, that’s ridiculous.  The Rangers are one of the most fun teams to watch with their explosive offense, and their fans couldn’t stay entertained by just watching the game.  It’s sad, really, that people show up to baseball games and interfere with other fans’ enjoyment of the game and ballpark experience.

Over the past few weeks at PNC Park, the wave has gone way too far.  Look; baseball is a slow game.  That’s what makes it so unique.  But these fans that want to get obscenely drunk and start the wave always seem to pick the worst times to do it.  On Saturday night, the Reds had already lost and the Pirates would move with a game of first place with a win.  In the fourth inning, multiple attempts were made to start the wave.  THE FOURTH INNING.  In the fifth, the Bucs were up by 2 runs, but the Royals had two runners on base and were threatening.  Once again, idiots who had absolutely no interest in the game decided to start the wave, and were successful this time.  It was unbelievable.  The city of Pittsburgh hasn’t had a winning baseball team since 1992, and when they finally do start playing like a winning team, people want to show up to the games and start the wave instead of watching the entertaining baseball game going on.  It doesn’t make sense, and it never will, but it needs to stop.

The Pirates are on the road until next Sunday and will return home for six games against the Twins and Tigers.  Regardless of whether or not they’re are still in first place next week, please don’t be one of the fools that tries to impede a real fan’s ability to watch the game that they paid good money to get in to.  And ESPECIALLY don’t be one of the people who call out someone else for not participating in the wave.  If they don’t want to stand up and sit down every 15 seconds, they don’t have to.

Sorry for the soapbox-esque post, but it had to be done.  The wave is stupid.  Just watch the game.

Go Bucs


2 thoughts on “Anti-Wave PSA

  1. Absolutely true. People who start the wave should be held to the same standards as people trying to hold up signs or enter their seats during play. Ushers should stop them and if they continue escort them out. I am at the game for the game. If I just wanted to get drunk I would spend the ticket money on another case and stay in the parking lot or at home.

    • Exactly, perfectly put. The ushers have been forcing people to sit down when they stand during play, but have no problem with it if they stand up to start the wave. It’s crazy.

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