TVFS134 Scavenger Hunt/Trivia Ticket Giveaway

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the inaugural ticket giveaway on The View From Section 134 blog.

Click HERE for yesterday’s post that describes tonight’s contest.

There are 60 total questions; 30 “scavenger hunt” with assorted questions from various places around the blog and 30 trivia questions about the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates.

UPDATE: If you have any trouble logging in with your Twitter account for your comments, please send us a direct message on Twitter. Thanks to Drew Brown for the heads up.

Some very important things to remember:
You are only allowed to answer five questions
– Your comment must include the number of the question you are answering
– You must sign in via your Twitter account
– You do not have to answer in any particular order
– Comments after 9:00 pm will not be included
– Any unanswered or incorrectly answered questions will be put into a “Bonus Round” post at 9:30
– The total number of correct answers you provide = the number of times your name will be entered into the drawing. The winner of the drawing will win two free tickets to the Pirates vs. Royals game on Sunday, June 10th

You are only allowed to answer five questions, so choose wisely. It is 5 total questions, NOT five from scavenger and five from trivia. Also, if a question is answered correctly by multiple people, the earliest comment gets the point.

Here it is, folks. Good luck!

  1. In what month and year was The View From Section 134 blog created?
  2. Who was our Goat of the Game on April 14th?
  3. Which sections at PNC Park are classified as All You Can Eat seats?
  4. How long is our Opening Day video?
  5. On what date was the inaugural 134 Pirates Trivia?
  6. Where is the Budweiser Bowtie Bar located at PNC Park (behind which section)?
  7. What was the question of our sixth poll?
  8. What was the Baseball Quiz question/answer at PNC Park on Opening Day?
  9. What did we take a video of on April 21st at PNC Park?
  10. What was the 134 Pirates Trivia question on February 20th?
  11. On what day did we post our Jose Tabata player profile?
  12. What does the Highmark Legacy Square honor?
  13. What is the birth place of Clint Barmes?
  14. Who was our Star of the Game on May 12th?
  15. What is our account name on YouTube?
  16. Who said the following quote? “But at least the team and the city got the ballpark right. No, not just right. Perfect.”
  17. Who commented on our All You Can Eat seats post?
  18. What are the three clubs inside of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club at PNC Park?
  19. How many polls have been featured on the blog?
  20. What was the 134 Pirates Trivia answer on March 30th?
  21. What is the birth place of Erik Bedard?
  22. About how long (in yards) is the Pierogi Race at PNC Park?
  23. On what day did we post our Rod Barajas player profile?
  24. What was the Baseball Quiz question/answer at PNC Park on May 5th?
  25. Who were the winners of 134 Pirates Trivia on February 27th?
  26. Who was the losing pitcher on April 20th?
  27. Who offered advice via Twitter for our Hall of Fame Club post?
  28. What was the question of our third poll?
  29. What is the birth place of Jose Tabata?
  30. Who was our Star of the Game on April 24th? (END SCAVENGER HUNT)
  31. Which Pirate attended Vanderbilt University from 2006-2008?
  32. How many home runs did Clint Barmes hit in 2011?
  33. What is the salary of Rod Barajas?
  34. Which Ohio city is Josh Harrison from?
  35. Which player forfeited his number for newcomer A.J. Burnett?
  36. How old is Yamaico Navarro?
  37. How many RBI did Casey McGehee have in 2010?
  38. Which pitcher won the Los Angeles Dodgers “Minor League Pitcher of the Year” award in 2007 and 2008?
  39. Which Pirate hit his first MLB home run off Carlos Marmol in 2011?
  40. What country is Gorkys Hernandez from?
  41. What is Andrew McCutchen’s middle name?
  42. Which reliever is from Sioux City, Iowa?
  43. Which pitcher is known for his “electric stuff” (but has been roughed up lately)?
  44. Which Pirate threw a no-hitter in 2001?
  45. Who is the Pirates first base coach?
  46. Who were the three players that represented the Pirates at the 2011 All-Star Game?
  47. Which pitcher attended the University of Houston?
  48. Which Pirates coach fled from Cuba on a raft?
  49. Who was Clint Hurdle drafted by in 1975?
  50. Which Pirate, along with Lastings Milledge, was acquired for Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett in June of 2009?
  51. Which three Pirates, along with Ross Ohlendorf, were acquired from the New York Yankees in exchange for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte?
  52. Which Pirate hit two home runs on Opening Day 2010?
  53. What is the birth place of Jared Hughes?
  54. What position was Neil Walker drafted as?
  55. Against what team did Andrew McCutchen record his first MLB hit?
  56. How many home runs did Nate McLouth hit in 2008?
  57. Who is the Pirates bullpen catcher?
  58. Who is the Pirates bench coach?
  59. Who is the Pirates third base coach?
  60. What is Jeff Karstens’ salary?

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