Win Free Tickets with TVFS134 Scavenger Hunt/Trivia Contest

Our main priority at The View From Section 134 is to not only provide fans with stats, info, and a unique perspective from PNC Park, but also to get Pittsburgh Pirates fans involved in the action.

Now that we have reached over 500 Twitter followers, we want to offer a very special offer. On the night of Wednesday, May 23rd, we will be holding a scavenger hunt/trivia contest here on the blog. With each question you answer correctly, your name will be placed into a drawing. The winner of the drawing will receive two free tickets to Pirates vs. Royals on Sunday, June 10th at 1:35.

Here’s out it works:

  • We will publish a post on Wednesday at 8:00 pm that features 30 scavenger hunt questions, which are generated from various spots on the blog, and 30 trivia questions, which will be about the 2012 Pirates.
  • To answer questions, you must leave a comment below the post.
  • You MUST only include one answer per comment, and you MUST put the question number next to your answer. 
  • The only limitation is that you are only allowed to answer 5 questions. Following the rule above, you should have five separate comments if you choose to go to the limit. If you answer more than five, your excess comments will be removed. This way, there will not be total domination (i.e. one person answering all of the questions, no head starts, etc.) and the drawing will be much more fair.
  • If multiple people answer the same question correctly, the point will go to the earliest comment. The comments are ordered from oldest to newest.
  • The comments will be shutdown at 9:00 pm.
  • The questions that are unanswered after the 9:00 deadline will be put into another post at 9:30 pm with the unanswered questions. The remaining questions are fair game to everyone, even if you already answered five. However, there will be another five answer limit in the bonus round.
  • The bonus round and its comments will be shutdown at 10:30 pm.
  • After both rounds, we will total the number correct from everyone. If you answer five questions and all five are correct, your name will go into the hat five times. We will announce the winner of the drawing this weekend in a blog post and on Twitter.

You DO NOT have to answer the questions in any particular order. You can start wherever you want. (Hint: it may be helpful to start somewhere other than the top of the list so that there aren’t many duplicate answers.)

SAMPLE (here’s how it should be done)
‘Joe’ reads the post at 8:00 pm. He goes to the comments section and authorizes his Twitter account. He looks through the questions and begins to answer. He starts with #30. His comment appears as follows “#30 – (Answer)”. He then moves on to #55. His next comment appears as follows “#55 – (Answer)”. He continues to do so until he has answered his limit of five questions. After the 9:00 pm deadline, there are still questions remaining. Joe comes back to the blog at 9:30 for the bonus round. He answers again to his five answer limit. After 10:30, we tally up all the correct answers. Turns out that Joe answered all of his questions before anyone else, and 7 out of his 10 were correct. His name will be in the hat seven times.

It is actually very simple to leave comments on the blog.
– You DO NOT need a WordPress account to comment.
However, you MUST sign in with your Twitter account.
– Although it says to do so, you DO NOT have to enter your email address.
– We do not have to authorize comments, so as soon as you publish it, it will go public.

To authorize your Twitter account, simply press the Twitter icon after hitting “Enter your comment here…” It may be a good idea to authorize your account now so that there are no problems tomorrow night.

We want to extend this exclusive offer to everyone, and we would love to help you and a guest get out to a ballgame at the best ballpark in America for free in the near future. If everything goes well, we will continue to do ticket giveaways throughout the season.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know in the comments below or via email at

Thanks everyone, and good luck.

Go Bucs


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