#134PiratesTrivia Answer 4/19/12

Tonight we asked…

…and the answer to tonight’s #134PiratesTrivia is…

Barry Bonds

Bonds led the National League with a .624 slugging percentage in 1992, his last year with the Pirates. In ’92, he also won the MVP, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger awards, as well as appearing in the All-Star game. Bonds had a .607 slugging percentage for his 22-year career.

The current Pirates are dead last in slugging percentage at .287. The Chicago Cubs are the second-worst, and possess a .328 SLG. Garrett Jones leads the Bucs with a .577 SLG, which puts him at 61st overall in the majors.

Congratulations to tonight’s winners: @NathanShively, @nhdrumline11, @jay_stint, @BurgFaninNJ, @BLZR409, @johnlucas18, and @gustaggart.

Thanks to all who participated, and tune in next time for another edition of #134PiratesTrivia.

Go Bucs


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