PNC Experience: All You Can Eat Seats

Since 2008, the Pirates have offered the “All You Can Eat” seats at PNC Park, an option that includes as much food as you can handle throughout a ballgame.

The AYCE seats are located on top of the Clemente Wall in right field, and consist of sections 145, 146, and 147:

The items available include: hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, salads, popcorn, peanuts, peanut butter filled pretzels, ice cream, and pop. The AYCE seats are available for all 81 home games. There is a concession stand on the Riverwalk that is only available to members of the All You Can Eat section.

For 2012, the AYCE seats are $38 in advance and $43 on gameday. This has increased $3 since the Pirates decided to increase tickets prices this offseason.

Many who consider the All You Can Eat seats often ask the same question: is it worth it?

Overall, it really depends on how much you are willing to eat. If you’re coming to PNC Park on an empty stomach and haven’t eaten all day, it’s definitely worth it. The other seats on the Clemente Wall cost $20/advance and $23/gameday. Therefore you’d have to eat about $18 worth if you buy in advance and $20 worth if you purchase tickets before the game.

Ballpark food is certainly not cheap, so you could easily top that amount if you get a lot food. One thing to consider is that the AYCE food comes in smaller portions. For example, you won’t find a footlong hot dog or a large drink at the AYCE concession stand. The portions are similar to those featured at the Bucaroos food stand on the other side of the ballpark.

Depending on your appetite, the All You Can Eat seats are usually a bargain. They sell out quickly, so you should secure your tickets early and get them for $5 cheaper than buying them at the last minute on gameday. It’s also a good thing that they are featured for every home game, so you can virtually get them for any game. Many MLB teams feature AYCE but only make them available for certain games. Another plus is that they are pretty good seats. Most teams make their AYCE all the way up in the upper deck. At PNC, you get a pretty good view from the Clemente Wall. Also, the speed line is great. It is right behind the section so you won’t miss any of the action or stand in a long line.

For info on the All You Can Eat seats and to buy tickets, click HERE.

Have you ever sat in the All You Can Eat seats at PNC Park? Was it a positive experience? Is it worth the money? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Go Bucs


3 thoughts on “PNC Experience: All You Can Eat Seats

  1. As the mother of a teenage boy and a pre-teen girl, I found that the tickets MORE than paid for themselves last season. And we found ours on a resale website. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to send them for their own food and not missing the game as well as not worrying about having to carry as much cash. For 2012 Opening Day, we had to look long and hard for AYCE tickets and it won’t be as economical, obviously, at the tripled price tag. For a family, or college students, I would say it’s a great worry-free option.

  2. I’ve sat there three times. Even though I’m a thin guy, I can put down a crap-ton of food and definitely eat/take more than $40 worth. The burgers are good and probably the way to go if you want the best quality food. The hot dogs are decent. The ice cream sandwiches (while normally half melted or sticky) are the bomb, especially on a hot day. The nachos are OK, but you can’t expect great quality anyway. Having a salad option for an all-you-can-eat section seems a little dumb, but if you have to drag your girl there, at least she can eat that if she wants it. Here’s a tip – wear cargo shorts so you can stuff multiple bags of peanuts and pretzels in all of your pockets. 😀 The only thing I hate is that it’s in right field because I like to sit as close as possible, but if you’re going for all-you-can-eat, you’re probably not that interested in paying attention to the game anyway. I once sat in all-you-can-eat seats in LA for $25; the seats were also in right field, but there weren’t as many food options as you get at PNC which “sort of” justifies the higher price. If you want to be a glutton, watch a little baseball here and there, and don’t mind spending $40, I’d recommend it.

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