#134PiratesTrivia Answer 3/5/12

Tonight we asked…

…and the answer to tonight’s #134PiratesTrivia is…

John Candelaria

Candelaria led the NL in the 1977 season when he posted a 2.34 ERA. The Candy Man had a career record of 177-122, as well as a career 3.33 ERA and 1,673 strikeouts. A popular answer for tonight’s trivia was Bob Friend, who did lead the NL in ERA, doing so in 1955. Besides Candelaria and Friend, the other Pirates to post the lowest ERA in the league were Cy Blanton, Ray Kremer, Sam Leever, Jesse Tannehill, and Rube Waddell.

Congratulations to tonight’s winners: @dabish61, @jay_stint, @BurgFaninNJ, @johnlucas18, @BPkidscoach, and @gustaggart.

Thanks to all who participated, and tune in next time for another edition of #134PiratesTrivia.

Go Bucs


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