Why are we Pirates fans?

What is it about the Bucs that make us diehards support this team year after year after year? It’s been 19 seasons since this team has seen any real success, and yet us Pirate fans continue to defend and support them. But why? The Steelers and Penguins have both had multiple championships and winning seasons in the last decade, yet we remain loyal the Buccos. Sure, watching guys like Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker rake is awesome. But being a Pirate fan is more than that. There seems to be some sort of phenomenon that takes over the Pirates faithful each and every spring that convinces us that maybe, just MAYBE, the curse will be broken and we’ll get that 82nd win. And for the past 10 or so seasons, we’ve been let down again and again. But we still watch every single game and put up with the antics of a Pirates broadcast just to support our team. We still go to PNC Park wearing our 2005 J. Wilson #2 shirts and watch the Brewers beat up the Bucs. But WHY? Well, look at the 2011 season. Not much was expected of our Pirates last season, but they played amazingly well for four months. But once again, we were let down in August and it turned out to be just another losing season. But in those four months, the pain and suffering of the last 18 seasons paid off. While the rest of Pittsburgh was getting on the bandwagon, we were on the edges of our seats with every pitch, hoping it would bring us a little bit closer to what we all want. Pirate fans live for a Neil Walker game winning hit, or a Joel Hanrahan K to secure a big win. And THAT’S why we continue to support this team. We live for moments like Pedro Alvarez, Cutch, Brian Giles, and Rob Mackowiak blasting walkoff homers, Ryan Doumit drilling John Grabow on a throw to second, and Jeff Karstens beaning Ryan Braun to start a fight with the hated Brewers. When moments like these happen, it makes it worthwhile to be a Bucco fan. If 2011 is any sign of what’s to come, more awesome moments like these aren’t too far away. Will 2012 be our year? Probably not, but we all know that we will support the crap out of the Pirates just because we love watching them play. So to all the fans that get chills when they hear Pirate Generation or Steve Blass’ call of Pedro’s walkoff, and who cringe every time they see Sid Bream slide into home plate (no need to link that, we’ve all seen it enough); stick around. This team is going to get better, and putting up with the heartbreak of all the trades, losses, and blown calls will be worth it. Someday soon we will be able to proudly say that we are Pittsburgh Pirates fans.

Go Bucs


3 thoughts on “Why are we Pirates fans?

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