Pirates Christmas Wish List

First off-Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of the fellow Bucco fans out there.  Here are a few things that we’ll accept as late Christmas gifts from the Pirates in 2012:

1.  A consistent power hitter, preferably at first base.  With all of the power hitting first basemen on the market, I’d love to see the Bucs pick one up.  It could be what finally gets them over the hump if the pitching does well.

2. J-Mac, Chuck, and Karstens to all have good seasons.  All three showed signs of greatness last season, and it would be awesome to see them really break out in 2012.  If they could repeat what they did in the first half of 2011 for the whole 2012 season, the Pirates could be a playoff team.

3.  Pedro to do well.  I want to root for Pedro.  I want him to hit the crap out of the ball and prove all of his haters wrong.  He was our #1 draft pick a few years ago, and it would be great to see him break out as that clean-up hitter that everyone hoped he could be.


4. The Brewers to suck.  It made me sick to see the Brewers go as far as they did last season.  I don’t want that to ever happen again.  I hope they go 0-162 in 2012.  With Braun out for 50 games, and Prince most likely signing elsewhere, it’s possible that the Brewers miss out on playoffs.

5. Last, but certainly not least, a winning season.  82 wins.  That’s all.  Heck, I’ll take 81.  Bucco fans have been wishing for this for almost 20 years.  I think it’s about time the boys bring a winning season back to Pittsburgh.

Happy Holidays, and Go Bucs


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