Twitter Trivia

Check out our Pirates Trivia on Twitter.

On various nights throughout the offseason, we’ll bring back our ‘Twitter Trivia’ segments, which we started last winter when we were The View From Section 134 (#134PiratesTrivia). Here is the layout:

  1. We will tweet a Pirates-related trivia question.
  2. Tweet us your response.
  3. We will publish a post that reveals the correct answer, as well as the winners.
  4. We’ll also send out a tweet that recognizes the victors.
  5. Finally, the question, answer, and winners will all be posted here on our Twitter Trivia page.

It’s an easy process and fun way to get your Pirates fix. Questions will vary in difficulty, and hints will be given if needed. Prize is bragging rights. Good luck to everyone.

#134PiratesTrivia Questions/Answers/Winners

If you would like to submit a question for Twitter Trivia, please email us at … Be sure to include the question and answer.

November 1st, 2012
Q: How many Pirates have won a Gold Glove Award in team history?
A: 16
Winner: @matt_hursh

November 8th, 2012
Q: Who is the only Pirate to have won the Roberto Clemente Award?
A: Willie Stargell
Winners: @fyalkowski, @johnlucas18, @BPkidscoach, @TrevorVPetrillo, and @bmur13

November 15th, 2012
Q: Who is the only Pirates manager to win the Manager of the Year award?
A: Jim Leyland
Winners: @johnlucas18, @steelers048, @jay_stint, and @youngslags13

November 20th, 2012
Q: Who was the last Pirate to drive in more than 100 runs in a single season?
A: Jason Bay
Winners: @RKreit3, @johnlucas18, and @MikeGrosso

November 29th, 2012
Q: How many different catchers did the Pirates use in the 2011 season?
A: Eight
Winners: @freezoid400, @mjportash, @BMVenslosky, @_DrewBrown, @Irate_Fan7, @TSchusyy, @bmur13, @NuttingHostage, and @s7pinney

December 6th, 2012
Q: Who was the last Pirate to hit an inside-the-park home run?
A: Alex Presley
Winners: @mc0483, @MattWeaver_21, @Zach_Morrison1, @_FinalFrontier, @sobr73, @adamcrowley2, @SportsnWhatnot, @LSTurdFurguson, @ZacharyMWeiss, @_DrewBrown, @steelers048, @freezoid400, @cjl226, @matty1521, @acpregler, @baseballfan4746, @MAE5377, @ScottPMulvihill, @WhatIsAGreg, @18nalax, @mark_quis, @Two_Wise_Fans, @johnlucas18, @chcarey, @Bucn_All_Day

December 13th, 2012
Q: Who are the only two Pirates pitchers that have won a Cy Young award?
A: Vern Law and Doug Drabek
Winners: @mjportash, @johnlucas18, @Zach_Morrison1, @baseballfan4746, @Expittriate, @steelers048, @Irate_Fan7, and @mark_quis

December 20th, 2012
Q: Who is the last Pirates player to make the All-Star team three years in a row?
A: Bobby Bonilla
Winners: @johnlucas18, @fdawg30, @740JZD, @chrissytinaaa, and @baseballfan4746

December 27th, 2012
Q: Which 4 Pirates closers recorded more than 100 saves in their career with the Bucs?
A: Elroy Face, Kent Tekulve, Mike Williams, Dave Giusti
Winners: @_DrewBrown, @Zach_Morrison1, @ZacharyMWeiss, @fdawg30, and @johnlucas18


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